Horatio N. Millikin (1888)

Name of Owner(s): Vicki and Lawrence Kikuchi
Building Address: 399 Pilot Hill Road
Year Erected: 1888
Plat/Lot/Sublot: Plat 8 Lot 199

In 1888, Block Island farmer/fisherman Horatio Nelson Millikin (1840-1911) and his wife Sarah Jane (Smith) (1845-1925), built a boarding house on the top of Pilot Hill.  It was advertised as “Millikin’s Cottage” and served the summer visitors during the season. They left the house to their daughter Claudia Sadie (1882-1953) and her husband Robert Chitty Mitchell, Jr. (1884-?). His father, Robert Chitty Mitchell, Sr., was nephew to Robert Chitty Mitchell who owned the other house on the Scenic BI website.

The house was purchased by the Kikuchi family in the mid-1960’s.


The attached photos are of the home sometime soon after it was built;

a photo probably of the Horatio Millikin family and friends/workers;

the house in 1965;

the house today (porch cornices replaced, shingles with gingerbread instead of clapboards, replacement windows);

some mementoes of the Millikin family left behind;

home interiors today, with much original furniture.

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