Scenic Block Island is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation that was formed in 1993 to preserve the character, history, charm and uniqueness of Block Island – those qualities that make residents and visitors alike value their time here.

The group was formed to encourage alternative options to the development of the property around the Spring House. It was successful in negotiating a conservation easement and a historic façade easement that ensured that the building and its beautiful setting remained as it had been for over 100 years.

Since that time, Scenic Block Island has focused on and provided education to further its mission by:

  • Sponsoring the “Your Town” workshop resulting in the hiring of a Town Planner to guide the adoption of new zoning regulations concerning the size and massing of new homes and buildings.
  • Supporting a survey and publication of historic Block Island homes completed in 2008.
  • Investigating and fostering a program of recognition for historic homes through an alliance with the National Historic Preservation Trust.
  • Developing and presenting special awards for successful preservation and restoration efforts given to members of the Block Island community.
  • Endeavoring with other like-minded Island organizations to save and rebuild the Spring House Pump House.  This attempt however, was thwarted by many obstacles and will ultimately result in the construction of a specially-designed marker that will be placed in a position overlooking the original site.
  • Developing a Preservation Plaque Program that will celebrate historic homes and buildings and encourage owners and prospective buyers of these properties to consider the impact these edifices have on the history, charm and uniqueness of all of Block Island.