All plaques are hand-made on Block Island. Each plaque will be finished with the popular lettering for the time period.

For the creation of the sign, a 1/2″ pre-primed medium density overlay is prepared. That is followed by an oil-based primer—4 coats on the edges and 2 on the already-primed surface, with an additional topcoat of oil-based enamel, twice on the edges and once each on the front & back of the sign. The paint is specifically formulated for the outdoor sign industry and is long-lasting. All of the lettering is done in black on a white background. Two holes are pre-drilled on the left and right sides of the oval plaque. Included are 2 stainless steel screws that are painted black with Rustoleum on the screw head.

The oval plaque measures 16’ by 11½.

The cost for a historic plaque is $250.00 (no tax).*

Purchasing a plaque grants access to resources that will save and preserve their older homes and buildings provided through this website. Most importantly, we hope to offer methods to save you money.

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This is just the beginning. Learn more about the Preservation Plaque Program within the links below. And if you own a historic building on Block Island, please apply to get your own plaque.

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