To Begin: Despite some inaccuracies in the information, see if your home/building is   listed in either of the two resources below:

If your home or building is listed in one of the two resources below and you would like a plaque for your historic home or building, please contact us using the form below. These two options give us a starting point to begin researching your home and verify the original date and owner.  It is also possible that your home has been documented already.

  1. Historic and Architectural Resources Of Block Island, Rhode Island, also known as The Green Book can be found in the Island Free Library and online. Click here to read.


 2.  Preserving the Architectural Heritage of Block Island Program (2008) – available online only. Click here to read: BI Historic House Survey


IMPORTANT — Your home or building must meet also meet the following criteria;

  1. Must have survived the Hurricane of 1938
  2. Exterior must be over 50% original


IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you believe your home/building qualifies, you can contact us. We will consider/validate all research and evidence that you possess or Scenic Block Island will do the research for you. In either case, for a very reasonable charge of $50, you will receive a printout for your files of all information gathered by our researchers.

Plaque Pages

This is just the beginning. Learn more about the Preservation Plaque Program within the links below. And if you own a historic building on Block Island, please apply to get your own plaque.

Have you received notice from SBI that your building has been approved for a preservation plaque?

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