John E. Ball House

Name of Owner(s): Martha Wilson
Building Address: 899 Cooneymus Road
Year Erected: before 1885
Plat/Lot/Sublot: Plat 14 Lot 46

The origin of this house after hours of digging in the vault at the Town Hall. 


Daniel and Mary L. Rose sold land to Bartlett Ball and John Ball

(1/29/1836)   Vol 9/404 (recorded Land Record)   no dwelling


 Bartlett Ball sells to John Ball

(1/27/1845)  Vol 11/303   with dwelling


John and Thankful Ball (wife) sell to John E. Ball

(6/15/1868)  Vol 14/335   no dwelling


John and Thankful Ball sell to Bartlett Ball Jr.

(2/13/1843)  Vol (11/20)   with buildings


I can’t make a connection anywhere of someone selling land directly to John E. Ball and then building on it. Not until he sells a piece of land in 1902 to his daughter.


John E. Ball sells land to his daughter (Annie L. Dodge)

(4/29/1902)  Vol 18/173    no dwelling

What should be noted is that the deed states that he is selling her land only. But his home is noted on the land in the description of the lot. It briefly describes a house on the Southwest side of the land that she is buying.


Charles, Harriett, & Noyes Ball sell to Lillie May Rose

(8/20/1910)  Vol 19/251


John E. Ball and wife (Louisa) sells to John Edward Dodge

(5/31/1916)  Vol 20/231   with dwelling and other buildings


John Edward Dodge sells to John and Mabel Dodge

(5/31/1916)   Vol 23/203   


 Lille May Rose sold to husband Montgomery Rose

(1919)  Vol 20/252


John E. and Mabel Dodge sells to Viola Wychoff

(7/9/1935 )   Vol 27/478   


Other lot(s) – John Edward Dodge and Mabel M. Dodge to Rudolph and Viola Wyckoff

(1965)   Vol 30/99


Estate of John E. Ball

Lila M. Rose to Viola Wyckoff (Lila might be Lillie)

(1958)   Vol 27/276 


The mystery of this house could not get solved definitively. It is so hard without Town Records to back up a story. However, you had 4 lots with many people buying and selling such as; Bartlett Ball, Bartlett Ball, Jr., John Ball, John E. Ball, Louisa H. Ball, Thankful Ball, John Edward Dodge, Edward Rose, Oliver Rose, Jordan Rose, Samuel Steadman, Lillie May Rose, Montgomery Rose, Martin L. Rose, Annie L. Dodge, Lila N. Rose, Charles, Harriett, & Noyes Ball,Rudolf  Komareck and Viola Wychoff,  and Viola Wychoff Ennis.  


It seems thatJohn E. Ball bought the land in 1868. We did not see any activity about a house being mentioned or bought or sold until 1902. In 1902, Annie buys land from her dad and his house is mentioned as being there.




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