From the Preservation Plaque Coordinator

From the Preservation Plaque Coordinator

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I have a long history of loving, admiring and enjoying the old houses and buildings of Block Island. I am lucky that I happen to own an 1879 charmer. I know that throngs of people come to Block Island for the ocean vistas, the beaches and the miles of trails. For me, my first love is the historic architecture on the island. To arrive by boat and take in that long row of historic buildings that comprises our “downtown” is truly something to behold.

Scenic Block Island has been deeply moved by the loss of historic homes around the island due to neglect or demolition. We don’t want to lose another home to a bulldozer. Thankfully, SBI has taken on a two-fold project; to honor historic buildings by placing historic plaques on them. In addition, we plan to educate and share ways of caring for older buildings by providing helpful and cost saving information on our website.

Cindy Lasser
Preservation Plaque Project, coordinator

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