Transue Family receives Scenic Block Island’s 100th Preservation Plaque

The year was 1879 and John Dodge finally moved into his dream house on Beacon Hill. It was beautifully designed and lovingly built especially for his family.  One hundred nine … Read More

Historic Preservation: an Overlooked Economic Driver
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In Rhode Island, historic preservation is at the intersection of sustainable development and fiscal responsibility. Historic  preservation pays dividends for Rhode Island. However, there is a risk that the contribution … Read More

From the Preservation Plaque Coordinator
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I have a long history of loving, admiring and enjoying the old houses and buildings of Block Island. I am lucky that I happen to own an 1879 charmer. I … Read More

The Influence of Mary Newhouse
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Mary Newhouse founded Scenic Block Island in 1989. Mary’s daughter Andrea Newhouse Moynier shared some of her favorite memories from that time. Scenic Block Island (SBI) grew from two other … Read More

The Effort to Save The Spring House Pump House
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In January of 2011, following a winter storm with wind gusts reaching 90 miles-per-hour, the Spring House Pump House had received such significant damage… Read More

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