Samuel Martin Rose Jr. House (1924)
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My grandparents, Annie Sheffield and Samuel Martin Rose, Jr., built the house in 1924. It was one of the last houses on the island for which John Frank Hayes was … Read More

Robert Chitty Mitchell House (circa 1850)
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The Robert Chitty Mitchell house probably predates 1850. I am confident it was originally a barn converted into a dwelling. It has significant post and beam construction. In 1860 Robert … Read More

Charles A. Negus House (1907)
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Langdon House

Captain Lemuel A. Dodge (1879)
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Captain Lemuel A. Dodge (1856-1906) was a very successful fisherman who owned the island’s first fishing schooner the Hattie Rebecca. He purchased that boat in 1875 then built his mansard-roof … Read More

The Hulda Anderson House (1909)
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In 1909 the house was built on what came to be known as Swede Hill on Gracies Cove Road. The builder/owners were Claus and Anna Anderson from Worcester, MA along … Read More

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